How I make affordable flower arrangements at home

Having fresh flowers in your home makes such a massive difference to the way a room feels, so I've been trying to have a bouquet of flowers on a coffee table at all times. Buying flowers, especially pre arranged bouquets, can get really expensive if you do it regularly, so I've started buying flowers from the supermarket and making my own arrangements, so I thought I'd share the process with you.

I like to buy two different kinds of flowers from the supermarket and then make my own arrangement. By themselves, these two look quite boring, but they make a lovely and interesting arrangement together. I got these flowers from Aldi and paid £3.50 for them in total, which I think is really great value, especially because I ended up getting a small and a big bouquet out of them.

The first thing I do is remove the leaves at the bottom of the stems because they just add unnecessary bulk at the bottom and the flowers last longer if you remove them.

I then cut the stems of the flowers, partly to make them last longer, but also to make them the right height for my vase. In this case, I had a large vase and a smaller vase so I cut the flowers to different sizes to fit the different vases.

I then start gathering the flowers. I do this by holding a few flowers loosely in my hand and then adding more while rotating the arrangement in my hand, so it looks good from all angles (a trick I learned from a florist on the internet somewhere). 

Another thing I do for money saving purposes is to save flowers or greenery from previous arrangements. For example, in my old bouquet the flowers had gone bad, but all this greenery was still looking great, so I kept it and added it to my new arrangement. This is probably a huge florist faux pas but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

This is the finished product! For £3.50 I got a big and a small arrangement. The big one is on my coffee table and the smaller one now lives on my desk. Obviously I'm still working on my flower arranging skills and these don't compare to the beautiful flower arrangements you can get from florists, but it's a nice, cheaper alternative.

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