My Candle Club Subscription Box Review

I love subscription boxes as a way to discover new products and get some great deals on samples, but I've recently cancelled my Birchbox subscription because I just had too many samples I was never going to use lying around and I thought I could put the £12.95 a month to better use!
It's no secret that I'm obsessed with candles so when I found out that there is a CANDLE SUBSCRIPTION BOX (!!!) I got extremely excited and ordered it straight away.
Unlike regular subscription boxes, where everyone pretty much gets the same things, MyCandleClub is completely personalised to you. When you sign up you're asked for your scent preferences (Really like, like and don't like) as well as your preferences about tealights/votives/potpurri, etc. so they can send you a box that you'll love with things you'll actually use. I didn't put down many scent preferences when I initially signed up because I was a little overwhelmed by all the opportunities, so they later contacted me personally suggesting some more things that I may or may not like so they could personalise my box more, which I thought was incredible service! It's also worth noting that they had no idea I was a blogger and I'm not getting this box for free, so this really is the service you get as a regular customer.  

The box arrived extremely quickly and I was excited when I found ten (!!!) votives and a wax melt in my parcel. When you sign up, you get a free gift and I chose the three votives and votive holder pictured above. The actual box came with seven votives and a wax melt, all in amazing scents that I love, because it was tailored to me.
I'm currently burning Amber Rose Tobacco, which smells just as amazing as it sounds. The votives are small but the scent really fills up the room, even in my large living room! And if you don't like one of the scents, you can just let them know and they won't send you the scent again (and you get a little extra in your next box), which I think is a great bonus.
Overall, I'm extremely impressed with MyCandleClub by Deelights and for around £15 a month it's definitely amazing value for money! 

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