Oh, Hello Stationery Haul

There comes a time in every planner addict's life when you decide that you need stickers. For me, that was sooner rather than later, so shortly after I got my filofax I made my first order. I decided to go for Oh Hello Stationery on etsy because they have really cute designs and I actually follow the owner's blog, Microscope Beauty, which made me want to buy from her even more! I also got 15% off with Elle Fowler's code 'iheartyoucoffee', which was just the icing on the cake really.
In hindsight I probably would have ordered different stickers (and I will most certainly be placing another order), but I am happy with the ones I got, even though I don't think I will be using the laundry and call stickers a lot.

You may wonder why on earth I got teddy bear stickers, considering I am 21 years old and not normally into cutesy stuff. Well, my sister loves teddy bears (I don't even question it anymore), so I got the teddy bear stickers to mark things to do with her, such as her graduation or when she's coming to visit.

When I opened the envelope I was happy to find lots of freebies with my order, which I thought was a lovely touch. She put in some single stickers such as the little planes and envelopes, but also a small sheet of doughnuts and teacups, which is just incredibly cute. I considered giving them to my sister because again, I'm not a cutesy person, but in the end I decided to keep them because you never know when I may have a Krispy Kreme date with a friend!

I also got some little cameras to mark days when I take blog photos and things like that. I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of them but they're still pretty. One sheet of stickers which I know I will get a lot of use out of is the little dollar signs. I use them to mark days when bills are due in my planner, because my bills are all over the place with rent being due on the 9th and bills for my old house on the 5th, etc. etc. It's a bit of a mess and this way I can make sure I'm on top of things.

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