Organising tips for unorganised people

I admit, I'm not an organised person. I'm quite the opposite actually, as anyone who has ever lived with me will be able to tell you. I love perfectly clean and organised spaces, I just really struggle to maintain them. Since moving into my new flat I've really been making an effort to be less messy and I've come up with some tips for unorganised people like me, hopefully they will help those of you who also struggle with the messy gene.

Make cleaning fun

I never thought I'd say this but I actually quite enjoy cleaning. I like to put on some country music, wear my pink rubber gloves and pretend to be Monica Geller for an hour while I clean- it's surprisingly fun! Try to enjoy it as much as you can or alternatively distract yourself- if you're watching the newest episode of New Girl while doing the washing up it'll be over much quicker and you'll enjoy it a lot more.

Have a messy drawer (or two)

There simply isn't a perfect space for everything, so messy drawers are a must. Even Monica has one! I have open shelving so any mess is really obvious, so I use boxes for stuff that gets messy easily. You still need to go through your messy drawers/boxes about once a month to declutter a little but at least the mess is contained and you can't see it!

Have less stuff

This is the hardest one. I am a massive hoarder of stuff and I own so many things, which is why things can easily get out of hand and messy. I'm still in the process of moving so I only have the bare minimum at my new flat right now but it turns out that it's enough for me and I don't need all the other stuff, and most importantly it's a lot easier to keep tidy. So declutter your life, it'll make it so much easier to stay organised.

Do an evening sweep

I've started getting into the habit of tidying before I go to bed. I walk around the living room and put anything that's on the floor in it's space and also do the washing up. It may seem like an annoying thing to do when you just want to go to bed but it feels so great to wake up to a tidy flat in the morning and to not have to wash up your mug first before you can make coffee.

Tidy when you get home

When I get home after a long day all I want to do is sit down on the sofa and catch up on my YouTube subscription, but once I've sat down, I can guarantee you that I will not get up. So instead of sitting down when I get home, I take ten minutes to do a little sweep of the flat, pick up things that are on the floor, take out the rubbish and wipe down the countertops if it's needed. It keeps mess from accumulating and I feel much better afterwards.

Have a deep cleaning schedule

The lovely thing about living in a small flat is that I only have three rooms, so it's quite easy to keep clean. I like to deep clean one room a week on my chosen cleaning day (which is Sunday), so every room gets deep cleaned every three weeks! This involves wiping down any surfaces, hoovering, cleaning the windows and going through my junk drawers. I still do the occasional dusting or hoovering outside those deep cleaning days if it's needed, but this system ensures that my rooms are always reasonably clean and the mess doesn't accumulate.

I hope these tips were helpful, please leave any tips you have in the comments! 

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