Painting Pottery Cafe Brighton

The other day I went to the Painting Pottery Cafe in Brighton to paint some pottery with my Psychology girls. It's a really great place where you pay £5 for paints, etc and then buy the thing you're painting (my mug was £16). They have lots of different plates, teapots, mugs, etc. to paint, so there's lots to choose from!

We sat down and painted some Brighton themed things on our pottery because we have just finished university and wanted something to remember our time here by. I chose a mug and painted the University of Sussex logo and the Psychology sign on it, as well as some bunting for decoration. We were there for two hours but three of us didn't finish so they just kept our things and we got to return to finish them, which I think is really great.

They also have lots of stencils that you can use, so if you're not very artistically talented (I know I'm not), then you can use those for an outline first. You can draw on the pottery with pencil because it disappears when they burn it, which was really helpful because it means you can plan out your designs and it doesn't matter if you make some mistakes with the pencil.

I had a really great time at the Painting Pottery Cafe and I'm excited to go pick up my finished mug soon! They do take a few days for glazing and firing after you've finished painting but then you can pick up your finished piece! I can't wait to add mine to my mug collection as it will always remind me of the amazing time I had with my friends at university.

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