Quick lazy summer makeup

It's been a while since I've properly talked about makeup on the blog, probably because I haven't really been wearing it as much. As the weather gets warmer I tend to get lazy with my makeup because it just melts off and you know what, I don't need to wear makeup every time I leave the house.
However, on Sunday I was going to the dog show with some friends (standard Sunday morning activity), so I thought I'd put on a little makeup just to look more fresh faced and put together. 

I didn't bother with foundation because it was humid outside and my skin was being weird, so I just put on a little bit of concealer. I tightlined with my P2 eyeliner to make my lashes look fuller and then put on lots of They're Real mascara from benefit. I didn't fill in my brows because I recently got them waxed but just put on some Gimme Brow to make them stay in place. For the lips I used a peachy lip crayon from Catrice, which reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm actually! Finally I added a bit of a highlight with Benefit High Beam because my skin was looking a bit dull. High Beam is such a nice formula and looks quite natural because it's a liquid- I really want to get my hands on Sun Beam for the summer!
As I was taking the pictures for this post I realised that it's really quite Benefit heavy. I think Benefit have a few stand out products (mainly the ones I used here) that really are worth the money in my opinion. Gimme Brow has definitely changed my eyebrow game completely and I won't go anywhere without it now and They're Real has been my mascara of choice for over a year now. I also love that Benefit always do great deals, for example with my last brow wax I got a deluxe sample of the It's Potent! eye cream and the pretty mirror pictured above!
Somehow this post turned into an ode to Benefit, so I'm going to stop rambling and end this post here!

What's your favourite Benefit product?

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