Weekly Favourite #1

I'm starting a new series showcasing a weekly favourite every Sunday because I feel like things easily get lost with monthly favourites. This favourite can be anything from makeup to food or a TV show!
This week's favourite is quite random and no, it's not Bulmers as the picture may suggest, although I do love Bulmers (drink responsibly, kids). The favourite is actually my new fake ice cubes. I hate ice cubes and how they water down your drink, but I do like my drinks to be cold- enter awesome fake ice cubes. I got them off ebay for £2 (link here) and you just pop them in the freezer and then use them like normal ice cubes, except they don't melt and you can wash them, put them back in the freezer and reuse them.
I've been using them in iced coffees, cider and juices, and they're so much better than having your drink watered down!

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