Why I got a Filofax

I'm trying to use this summer to really get myself organised and get into habits that will keep me organised once I start uni again. I've been using a Moleskine diary for two years now and I love the layout and size of it, but there were a few thing that were missing from it for me. I decided to get a new planner after watching tons of YouTube videos on planning (did you know there was a planning community? I did not!), and I chose to go with a Filofax personal for a few reasons.

I wanted something that is really customisable and that works for me personally. Before, I had a diary, a to do list, an action diary and seperate notebooks for different things, so I wanted a planner that gives me the opportunity to combine all of those in one place. There are lots of different planners out there, but I think the most popular ones are the Filofax and the Erin Condren life planner (Jaye Rockett did a great post about hers here if you're thinking about getting one of those).

In the end it all just boils down to what you think will work for you, because that's what your planner should do. Yes it's nice if it looks pretty, but above all it should be functional. I've got the week on two pages inserts for daily planning as well as some to do pages and other sections which I'm still working on. You can buy lots of great inserts on etsy but most of them are just to download and print out yourself, so I prefer to save the money and just make the inserts myself in Word, which is pretty straightforward and provides more possibilities for personalisation.
I'm not going to go into how I organise my planner yet because it's very much a work in progress at this point, but I will definitely do a post/video on my setup when it's done.

Are you a planner addict? What setup do you use?

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