How to create an inspiration board

I think that an inspiration board is something everyone should have. They're aestetically pleasing, easy to change and just provide that extra push sometimes. Mine hangs above my desk so when I look up from my work, it's the first thing I see. Obviously you can put whatever you want on your inspiration board and it will be different for everyone, but here's what I put on mine.

I'm quite big on displaying my achievements, no matter how small they may seem to others, because looking at them is just a constant reinforcement. So I have things like my Head Master's Award from college displayed on my board, because they remind me that hard work does pay off. I also like to add some small things like photos (for example when I met Lily and Anna!).

Another thing I like to have on my inspiration board is quotes- and lots of them! I just find these on Pinterest and print them out (here's my quotes board, if you're interested). I also add inspirational pictures mainly related to fitness and flexibility, because that's something I'm always working on.

Do you have an inspiration board? If you do, what is on it?

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