My planning essentials

It's another planner post! I'm just absolutely in love with my filofax and the whole planner community (yes, that's a thing), because I have become so much more organised and motivated since having a planner. A lot of people will probably look at my planner and say 'Why on earth do you need to decorate it so much can't you just write things down' but I find that decorating it and making it look pretty really makes me want to use it more. So today I thought I'd share my planning essentials with you!

Washi tape

Washi tape is my favourite thing to use to decorate the pages of my planner. If I had an Erin Condren, I would probably use a lot more stickers (there's just so many nice ones!) but in the personal size filofax, washi tape works really well. I have accumulated quite a lot now (oops) and my favourite places to buy it are Hobbycraft, Tiger and Fox and Star. I also recently got some washi stickers from Amazon which look like journaling cards but are actually a big patterned sticker cut into dots and strips (I got 27 for £1.26 here, which is an amazing deal!).

Six hole punch

As I like to put washi tape down the inside of the page where the holes are, to reinforce it and because it looks pretty, I decided to invest in a six hole punch. You could easily use a single hole punch or just a normal one and line it up, but this has been such a huge time saver for me and it was really worth it.

Sticky notes

I use sticky notes for so many things in my planner- I use the simple filofax ones to preplan, and then some cute ones from Paperchase to make a note of something that I don't want to permanently write into my planner due to space restrictions, like 'call mum'.

Little scissors

This is quite a boring one because everyone has scissors, but I find that small scissors are really great for cutting washi tape etc. and I just had to include these adorable bird shaped ones I got from Tiger!


I saved the fun part for last... Stickers! There are so many amazing etsy shops that make stickers, the options are endless! My favourite ones (so far) are Oh, Hello Stationery, MareBearCrafts and Michelle and Patch, but I currently have 75 sticker sheets in my etsy basket so that collection will probably grow soon! 

What are your planner essentials?

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