The Breakfast Club Brighton

Since the Breakfast Club opened in Brighton, it's all I've been hearing about. Being a huge fan of breakfast foods myself, I decided to take my sister there while she was visiting from Germany. So last Thursday, we headed down to the lanes to meet Lauren for brunch.


I expected it to be very busy but we actually got a booth straight away. The decor inside is lovely, although unfortunately it's a little dark, which is why the photos didn't turn out great. I obviously ordered a coffee, which came in this plain mug but turned out to have 'I heart BC written on the inside, which I thought was such a cute touch! My sister got the hot chocolate with mashmallows, which is apparently amazing. I absolutely love the 'Sex, Drugs and Bacon Rolls' mug that it came in, and you can actually buy that mug with proceeds going to charity!

I ordered eggs royale- my favourite breakfast food! I thought that you couldn't beat the ones from Bill's but these are even better! The bread was lovely and the eggs were just the right consistency- 10/10 would recommend!

My sister got the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (she's a Canadian that one), which I unfortunately didn't get a picture of because she's not quite down with the whole 'don't eat your food I don't have the perfect shot yet' that us bloggers do. I did however taste one of her pancakes because she couldn't eat them all and it was the fluffiest, most delicious pancake I ever had.
My friend Lauren got the pancakes with cream and fruit, which looked amazing. You get a huge stack of them and I have no idea how she actually managed to finish all that!

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