The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying

If you watch Essiebutton's videos, you will have probably heard of 'The Lifechanging Magic Of Tidying', a book written by a professional organiser (yes, that's a thing) from Japan. Since I've been desperately trying to declutter and become more organised, I obviously picked this up straight away.
 I'm going to start by saying this: this book has completely changed the way I declutter. I'm a massive hoarder and I own a lot of stuff. I find it incredibly hard to find things away because I have an emotional attachment to a lot of things and I also hate to throw things away that I paid money for- this book has absolutely changed that.
Having said that, I absolutely hated the way this book was written. I felt like it was really long winded and also quite braggy. You could easily condense the information into one chapter. There are some points which I think are quite ridiculous (I refuse to thank my handbag at the end of the day, I'm sorry) and some which border on crazy (i.e. don't roll up your socks because it's the only time they have to rest). 
I don't think this book teaches you to tidy as much as it teaches you to get rid of things- and that's exactly what I needed. The basic idea is that you go through everything you own and you only keep the things that spark joy. I did this with my makeup and my clothes and was absolutely ruthless and it worked out incredibly well. Usually when I sort my clothes I do the whole 'have I worn this in the past six months thing' and even if I haven't I will always find an excuse to keep it. Maybe I'll wear it more in the future. It still fits so getting rid of it would be a waste. Maybe I'll sell this (I never actually manage to sell things so they still end up back in my wardrobe). But this time I took everything out of my wardrobe, sorted it into piles (tops, jeans, dresses, shorts and skirts, jackets) and picked up every item and went with my first instinct. I ended up throwing away/donating a whole bin bag (which is pretty impressive for me). That was a week ago and I wouldn't be able to tell you what I threw away so clearly I don't have much of an emotional attachment to those things. I still have far too many clothes, but I think that this is slowly teaching me to be more detached and just get rid of things I don't love.
I think that once you've gotten rid of things you don't need, it's a lot easier to actually keep your space tidy. It's definitely important to have a space for everything, although I still have a few messy boxes because I'm still human and that's my way of keeping things clean and organised (I go through the messy boxes every month or so to keep things organised).
The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying certainly wasn't my favourite book to read but it did absolutely change the way my flat looks, and subsequently how good I feel. Eliminating clutter has had an incredible effect on my life, and now my friends come over and admire how organised my flat is- true story! If you want to pick up a copy yourself, you can get it on Amazon- I highly recommend it!

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