Wearing Ede & Ravenscroft

So last Friday morning I did a thing... I graduated. No biggie! I got up at 6am and slathered ridiculous amounts of makeup on my face to make myself look acceptable for photos and then walked down to the Brighton Dome for my five seconds of fame. 

Growing up in Germay I didn't even know that mortarboards and gowns were a thing that existed outside of the US, so when I came to uni and realised that I got to wear one I was extremely excited! Our hoods were red so I went for a black and white polka dot dress from asos and a red lip to match the hood. My shoes were the usual Peter Kaiser shoes that I now wear to all formal events because they're just so pretty and they go with everything! Also can we just take a moment to appreciate Luke's bow tie? I personally think he looks absolutely fantastic!

Walking across the stage in front of hundreds of people and collecting my certificate was probably one of the most nerve wrecking and surreal things I've ever done. We're lucky enough to have Sanjeev Bhaskar as our chancellor so his speeches were hilarious and I obviously went for the hug on stage because he specifically instructed us to 'show him some love' at the beginning of the ceremony.
I still can't believe these three years are over- it seems like just yesterday that I came to Sussex and learned that not recycling is basically a crime and that our campus is actually the shape of a cat... It's been an emotional rollercoaster and I've met some amazing people and learned a lot- although very little of what I learned was related to Psychology.
I'm glad that this degree is over but I'm happy to say that I'm staying on for another year to do a master's degree in International Marketing. I'm not quite ready to leave Brighton yet because it truly has become my home in the last five years.

It's now official- I'm Aline Marie Cleve, BSc (Hons). On to the next chapter...

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