Apartment Details- My Gallery Wall

I'm finally pretty much done with decorating my flat (althoug I don't think I'll ever be completely done), so I thought I could start a new series called Apartment Details, showing you my favourite bits of my flat! I will do a complete flat tour video at some point, but I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet!
My gallery wall is definitely my favourite bit of my flat. It's kind of the centre piece and the first thing you see when you walk in, as it's on the big wall above my tv. I like how it kind of takes the focus off the TV and also fills the large wall. I have very high ceilings so it's nice to be able to use all that space and pull the focus up. My gallery wall is a very random combination of different prints and photos I have collected over the years, and I think that that is the perfect way to make up a gallery wall!
On the top right, I have a picture that I took for my A-Level Photography. It was taken in the forrest where I grew up, so it always reminds me of home. I'm absolutely in love with the 'Sing to your own tune' frame that is the centre piece of my gallery wall- I found it at Homesense and it just resonated with me and I just had to get it. I'm a singer, so I liked the idea of it, plus I believe that you should always do what you want to do and be who you want to be, so it was perfect for me.
The 'Love actually is all around' print is also from Homesense and I originally saw the frame but the print really sold me. I love the film and the quote, so despite it being pink (I really hate pink), I just had to have it! I also have my graduation certificate and a pole performance poster I was on in the left hand corner, because I like reminding myself of my achievements!

On the right side I also have some sequin art my sister made (she's the creative one), in the form of C3-P0! She used eight different colours of gold sequins and it just looks so great and is one of my favourite pieces of artwork she's ever done! I love incorporating fan art into my life, but in a subtle way, so this is a great way to display my love for Star Wars. Next to it I also have a friend of my and one of my best friends at graduation, which I will probably replace with a picture of my family eventually, but for now that one lives there (the frame is from IKEA by the way and I think it's so cool!).

Next we have the bottom row of my gallery wall. On the left I have a photograph by my favourite photographer, Richard Avedon. It's a picture of Marilyn Monroe and I just absolutely love it because of how candid it looks, and I've always wanted to have it. Next to it I have a sign from the A-line in Whistler, Canada, because myname is Aline and a lot of people make a-line jokes about it... So when I was there I just couldn't resist! I love that it says 'protective gear recommended' as well... Then we have a print that says 'Go Life Your Dream', which was designed by one of my best friends, Jordan from Hello Miss Jordan. It was part of her tshirt campaign for Boohoo and I just liked it a lot, so I framed it!
Finally, there's the official society photo of Sussex PoleSoc, the society I was president of last year! They're some of my favourite people in the world and as I said I like to display my achievements, so I decided to put it up.
I'm sorry this turned into such a long post! I really wanted to go into detail about everything on my gallery wall because all the pieces are so important to me in different ways. If you want to start a gallery wall I definitely recommend just collecting things you love. There's no point in getting random prints and photos that mean nothing to you just to get the perfect gallery wall- you can always start small with just a few prints and then build from there. When I started I only had about five photos and then just added to it and I'm really happy with how it's looking now!

Do you have a gallery wall? What is your favourite piece?

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