Hello Sailor

I'm currently trying to build a slightly more mature wardrobe and deviate from my usual ripped jeans, tshirt and broken books look, so I've picked up some new things lately that I wanted to feature in a post! I love fashion but am still lacking a boyfriend/photography slave, so the lovely Jordan from Hello Miss Jordan (who does stunning fashion posts by the way, check her out!) took some photos for me!

Both the shoes and the dress are recent asos purchases. The shoes are currently on sale, so if you like them, hurry! I love that they're still boots but look a little more 'grown up' than my usual docs. Living Life in Docs is slowly changing to Living Life in Heeled Boots! They're not the most comfortable shoes but I think that'll change once I've worn them in a little bit more. My feet absolutely hate heels and I can walk around in these for about two hours without wanting to die, so that's quite good for me.
I do have to admit that the dress is a little difficult to wear because horizontal stripes really aren't the most flattering pattern. However I love the cut of it because it's so simple but the asymmetric skirt gives it that little extra edge. It also makes the bottom half a little more flattering because of the way the black stripe is placed, and anything to make me look skinnier is good in my book! I can totally see myself wearing this dress in autumn with some tights and a leather jacket as well, so it's one of those pieces that works all year, which is something I always look for. I think it gives off that sophisticated vibe while still being young and interesting.

Have you picked up anything from asos recently?

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