Looking sunkissed with Sunkissed

As I write this post I am sitting on my sofa wrapped up in a blanket, looking out at the rain- the British summer certainly leaves a lot to be desired! Thankfully there are ways to look like you've just been on holiday for a week even if you actually haven't seen the sun in god knows how long!
Ever since I first tried out fake tan about a year ago, I've been absolutely hooked! I love how it transforms my complexion and I think it suits me a lot more than my natural pale skin! Sunkissed was the first brand of tan I used because it's cheap and cheerful and pretty much fool-proof! Even as a self tanning rookie I never ended up streaky or patchy with this tan and it fades really evenly as well.
I've recently been using the Medium Mousse* and the new double sided tanning mitt*, which is awesome! I use one side to apply the tan and then the other side which doesn't have any product on it to do some extra blending and it works extremely well! There's always some tricky areas, like the wrists and knees, and it's been really helping to get my tan perfectly blended out. 
At first I was worried that the mousse would bleed through the tanning mitt and stain my hands, but it was perfectly fine and I didn't end up with horrible orange hands, which is always nice!

What's your favourite fake tan?

*Press sample 

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