My MAC Lipsticks

MAC lipsticks have a cult status in the beauty world, mainly because of the large range of colours and finishes available. I've been slowly growing my MAC lipstick collection over the past year, because they are not the cheapest (but at £15.50 also not the most expensive by far) lipsticks. I do tend to gravitate towards the more unusual colours when it comes to MAC, because that's what I feel makes them worth the money, so I wanted to share my small collection today.
Let's start with the most 'boring' colour in my collection- Faux. Faux is one of those browny nudes that all beauty bloggers keep going on about and I actually bought it in a blog sale. It's not my favourite nude but I do like it when I haven't fake tanned.
Next we have Cyber, which is probably the craziest colour I own. It's an extremely dark, almost black, purple. When I tried it on in the shop I was actually told that 'it's not exactly a daytime colour', which I obviously took as a challenge and proceeded to wear it all day. You can use it more sparingly and work it into the lips for more of a purple stain, which I also love. It's definitely not one for lipstick beginners, but it's a great statement colour.
Captive is a more subtle plummy colour, and the perfect autumn/winter lipstick in my opinion. It's hydrating but lasts well and just gives that perfect fresh but autumnal feel to your makeup. I bought this on National Lipstick Day last year and got £5 off, which made this basically the price of a drugstore lipstick!
Last but not least we have another crazy one- MAC Heroine. Again, not one for the faint hearted but I fell in love as soon as I saw it on Karissa Pukas for the first time. It's such a great statement colour and adds that pop of colour on days when you just dress all black. I personally love wearing it with just some winged liner and a strong contour for that interesting edgy look.

What is your favourite MAC lipstick?

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