Taking care of your jewellery

I love jewellery but there are only two pieces that I wear every day- my Michael Kors watch and this ring my grandma gave to me for my college graduation when I was 17. I wear this ring every time I leave the house, so in the last few years it has gotten quite dirty! I didn't really realise this until my mum pointed it out last time she visited, so I thought I should probably go get it cleaned.

In this picture you can see what it looked like before it was cleaned- it was incredibly dull and dusty but I couldn't clean it myself because the setting makes it really hard to reach the stone. I have to admit I had absolutely no idea where you can get a ring cleaned, so I just headed down to H. Samuel and hoped for the best. Thankfully they were absolutely lovely and said I could pick it back up within an hour! So naturally, I did an hour of shopping and then returned to collect my ring.
When they showed me the ring I was genuinely flabberghasted (I've been waiting forever to have a chance to say that!), because I'd never seen it so shiny! You can really see the facets of the stone now and I repeat, it's just so shiny! I was scared that it would be expensive to get my ring cleaned because let's face it, jewellery related things are usually expensive, but it was only £4.99! I'll definitely start getting my jewellery professionally cleaned more regularly now, it just makes such a difference and it makes me feel very grown up...

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