The Capsule Wardrobe Experiment

Minimalism has become quite a big theme in the blogging world and recently I've been trying to reduce the amount of stuff I own. While I've had quite a lot of success using the KonMari method (read about it here), the one area where I always struggle is my wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes but nothing to wear. So today I decided on a whim to see if I could do the whole 'capsule wardrobe' thing.

Now I wanted this to be an experiment, so I didn't throw away half my clothes- I simply went through everything and put away over half of what I owned and stored it under my bed. Above you can see a photo of what my wardrobe looked like before- I ended up putting way over 40 pieces, which blows my mind because that's a lot of clothes!

This is what my wardrobe looked like after. I have 26 items left! This doesn't include underwear, pyjamas or sports wear, but I thought it was a good start. Obviously 26 items isn't a totaly small capsule wardrobe like some people have who own like ten pieces, but it's very small for me considering I had over 70 items before! I already feel a lot calmer when I look at my wardrobe now because it's not cluttered and I can see everything I have. Over the next few weeks I will see if I miss any of the things I put away and how my outfits turn out, and in three weeks I will write another post telling you how I got on!

If you want to join the challenge, let me know in the comments and follow me on twitter @livinglifeindoc to let me know how you're getting on!

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