The Job Interview Primark Haul

This week I have my first interview for a 'proper' job. This meant I had to get together a professional looking outfit, and I was missing some bits so I took a little trip to Primark. I think it's perfectly fine to wear some cheap pieces and as long as you mix them in with some bits that are better quality, no one will know. I already had a grey blazer and a burgundy skirt, so I just had to buy some small bits like a shirt.
The first thing I got was just a simple white shirt, which doesn't fit amazingly but does the job. It is a bit seethrough because it's from Primark (and white shirts do tend to be seethrough no matter where they're from), so I also bought a simple white vest top to go underneath.
My mother always tells me off for not wearing tights, so I figured for a professional setting I should probably get some... Here's to hoping they don't rip on the day! I also got a big round brush because I'm going to attempt a blow out to tame my hair... Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see how that went.
Last but not least I also bought some flats, because strangely I do not own any! I'm not going to wear these to the interview but my heels aren't the most comfortable shoes so I wanted something I could wear on the way there and back (I'm going all the way to London so it's quite a trip!) and then just chuck in my bag when I arrive. These were only £5 and I think they're actually really pretty! Maybe I'll start wearing flats more often...

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