Treat Yo Self

The other day I found out that I had gotten a scholarship for my master's degree, so naturally I had to go out and treat myself to something nice! I've been wanting to go to Boux Avenue for a while so I decided to finally go in and get a bra fitting and treat myself to something nice!
The shop itself is absolutely lovely and feels very luxurious, especially considering the fact that the prices aren't even that high! I wasn't a huge fan of the bra fitting itself, as she just measured my back size and then asked me what cup size I usually wear. I'm usually a 36A but she measured me as a 34 and then gave me lots of 34A bras, which were obviously too small and really uncomfortable, but she seemed to think that they were fine. She finally brought me some 34Bs though which fit perfectly and I decided to get this stunning pink balconette style bra in the end. 
Now a note about the packaging. When I got home and opened the bag there were fake flower petals in the bag, which I thought was such a lovely touch! I also got a card from my fitting which said my size and recommended bra styles as well. As a whole I really enjoyed the experience and it all felt very luxurious!

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