Asda MEATup

A while ago, Talented Talkers contacted me asking if I wanted to attend a BBQ hosted by Asda on National Burger day. Despite not liking burgers (please don't shoot me) I obviously said yes, because food. The exciting part was that the event would take place in a secret location, which I found extremely intriguing!
We met at Brighton station where we were picked up by two Big Lemon busses (the ones that run on waste cooking oil, i.e. the most Brighton thing that exists), and were speculating about where we would be going the whole way! We ended up at a beautiful house on the outskirts of Brighton where we were greeted with Pimms and a jazz band. 

It was extremely hard to decide what to have because everything looked so good! While the food was cooking, I did some catching up with some people I hadn't seen in ages (like Sophie who I was very happy to see!) and then played some of the games that were in the garden. There was giant jenga and some other game that I don't know the name of (but I sucked at it).

 The first thing I had was a pulled pork burger and some grilled salmon, both of which were amazing. However nothing compared to the halloumi burger, which was halloumi, avocado and rocket and completely changed my outlook on burgers- it was heavenly!

There were also several bowls of eton mess, which aren't pictured here because I was too busy eating several bowls of it... whoever invented this dessert was a genius and I hope they received some kind of award. People who say that British food is horrible have clearly never had eton mess!
All in all I had a great night, had amazing food and met lots of new people- who knew there were so many bloggers in Brighton?! A big thank you to Asda for hosting this event, it was well done (tehehe).

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