Leave Your Mark- Book Review

A few weeks ago I decided to order a few books, namely books written by career women, because I felt like I needed a little nudge in the right direction. I picked up 'Leave your mark' by Aliza Licht because it was recommended on a website and I can tell you know that it was £8 well spent!
I started reading the book on the plane back to Germany, which is about a one hour flight. By the time we landed I had read over half of it because it's just so easy to read but you simply don't want to stop! I'm going to have to make the comparison to Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso here, which is also a book I loved. While I loved Girlboss, it takes quite an unconventional approach to starting your career, as Sophia (she answered my question on periscope once, we're totally on first name terms) obviously had quite an unconventional start. Aliza on the other hand went to university and then went out, got experience and worked her way up. She may not have had a genius business idea but she just decided what she wanted to do and then worked her butt off to get there, and I really like that. She actually wanted to become a doctor at first and realised her mistake at college and then had to build her experience in fashion from there, which I can kind of relate to with my Psychology degree!
The book doesn't just have lots of great stories from Aliza's life and career but also gives tons of great advice about getting a job and succeeding at that job. From job interviews to office politics, she covers it all! I especially enjoyed her section on social media because she managed to start an incredibly successful twitter account for DKNY and I love her approach to social media. Lots of brands these days just use social media for scheduled content but Aliza is really big on interaction and offering her followers a glimpse behind the scenes, which is probably why she is so popular!
I definitely recommend reading Leave Your Mark, even if you don't want a career in fashion or PR, simply because it's so great at making you want to get out there and work on yourself, your personal brand and your career! If you're not convinced yet, watch Aliza's TED talk, which is basically a ten minute very basic summary of her book.

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