New business cards from Vistaprint

Business cards are a funny thing to have as a small blogger because odds are you'll only give out about one a year. However it's a fact that the one time you don't have them with you, at least three people will ask for one, so I've made a habit of carrying them around with me.
I got business cards when I first started blogging but the design was boring and the URL was still a, so I decided it was time for an upgrade! I really wanted photos on it this time as I think it's quite a nice way to show them what my blog is about and having my face on it helps people remember who they were actually speaking to! I went with a picture of my desk to represent the home/organisation side of my blog, the MAC palette to represent the beauty side and finally a picture of me for the fashion side/to have my face on there.
The design was just one they already had on the site because let's face it, I suck at designing this kind of stuff (I'm currently struggling to make a flyer for an event and it's not going well), so I thought a template was the way to go!
The only annoying thing about ordering from vistaprint is that it is obviously aimed at businesses so you have to order a minimum of 100 business cards... it still came to around £10 including shipping and a free business card holder but I feel like having 100 is a bit of a waste as I'll never hand them all out. 
Overall I'm really happy with the quality of these business cards and I would totally recommend Vistaprint if you're looking to get some and you don't want to spend too much money! They always have great deals on so make sure you check for coupon codes.

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