Styling a bookshelf for beginners

Styling a bookshelf seems like a ridiculous thing to do that is only worth it in show homes, but it's becoming an increasingly popular thing to do. I personally love the look of a beautifully styled bookshelf because I think it adds so much to a room. Obviously there are tons of ways to style your bookcase and in the end it's always down to personal preference, but here are some of my tips.

Choose a base
The easiest way to style a bookshelf is to base it around a big collection of things that you already have. I went for books in this case (groundbreaking, I know), but you could use anything, like a collection of vases, DVDs or whatever you have a lot of. 

Add interesting bits of decor
This is the fun bit- you can add little things you have picked up on holiday or just random decorative bits and pieces that you have lying around. I for example decided to display my Lego Star Wars space ship that my sister got me for my graduation... 

Display your achievements
I love to display my achievements because it reminds me of times when I did something well, and encourages me to keep going when I feel like I'm going nowhere. I dedicated a space on my shelf to dance certificates, medals and trophies and looking at it makes me really happy.

Add messy boxes
If you're super organised and you can keep everything beautifully displayed all the time then more power to you, but I'm definitely not like that so messy boxes are my saviour. I have three at the bottom of my shelves and they hold all sorts of things from my candles to some hand weights.  

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