The little blue box

There's something about that little blue box that just makes every girl's heart beat a little bit faster... Tiffany jewellery is just something so incredibly special, so I was absolutely ecstatic to receive a ring from my parents as a graduation present!
Our love story was a difficult one. My mother (despite being incredibly not subtle about trying to find out my ring size) picked up a ring that was two sizes too small, so upon receiving it on my graduation day I immediately had to give it back because it just didn't fit. So when I went to Germany a few weeks later I immediately went to Tiffany's to pick up the ring in my size... but they didn't have it. I tried again at the airport on my way back to England but they didn't have it either. They did however find out that there was one ring in my size in Berlin- where I was going the week after to visit my sister! So after another week of waiting I finally managed to find it and hold it in my hands... and it's beautiful!

So after that long ramble about the most first world problem there is... Here's the ring! It was designed by Paloma Picasso and is made up of little hearts. I love that it's so simple and easy to wear every day but when you look closer it's actually quite intricate. I used to wear a ring that had quite a large stone on it, which wasn't the most practical thing for everyday because it tends to get stuck in tights and sleeves, so this ring is absolutely perfect. It's nice to have a memory that I can wear every day and my mum really couldn't have chosen a better ring!

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