New Year's Resolutions

Oh hello there... It's me again! You probably don't remember me, I've been gone for a while. I'll spare you the lengthy excuses and just say that life has been pretty manic with my Master's degree and a part time job, so I haven't felt like I could run this blog properly. However in the new year I want to start blogging again! I won't put any pressure on myself to post super regularly and I want to do a lot more life related posts about being at uni, staying organised and soon trying to find a job and moving back to Germany... it's going to be an exciting year! So what better way to start than with my resolutions? Here we go!

Get a distinction in my degree
I didn't do so well in my undergraduate degree because I wasn't really enjoying it (and Psychology is hard), but I'm really enjoying my current degree and want to do well in it, so my main goal for this year is to get a distinction!

Read more
I am so terrible at reading because when I come back from uni I don't want to engage my brain, I just want to watch reruns of Friends all evening... I've had Lord of the rings (which my sister bought me) lying around unread since last Christmas...Oopsies! I also got a new Kindle for Christmas so I don't have any excuses anymore and I'm going to try to dedicate half an hour before bed to reading.

Save 10% of what I earn
Since I'm going to graduate this year and (hopefully) start a job after the summer, I really want to get into the habit of saving 10% of what I earn. Now I don't earn much at my part time job, but starting to always put some of my money aside will be a good habit to have once I actually earn a decent salary and can start to build up my savings.

Improve my time management
I'm one of those people who is terrible at managing their time... I have a lot on and I'm always extremely stressed, even though with better time management I could easily get everything done! I want to start making use of all the time I have and be less stressed while still accomplishing everything I need to.

Become a morning person
Everyone who has met me knows that I am not a morning person at all- I would happily sleep until 12pm every day if I could (and sometimes I do...). Unfortunately with my time at university slowly coming to an end I'm going to have to face the harsh reality that most jobs do not start at 12pm and I'm going to have to get up quite early. This also goes along with the time management resolution, because I'm currently wasting quite a few hours in the morning by either sleeping or being grumpy about not sleeping. I will definitely be blogging about how this endeavour goes!

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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