Oh Hello Stationery Stickers

Today we're talking about stickers- for your planner! Now I know this might seem a little ridiculous to some people, but I have been a part of the planner community for a while now and it's safe to say that I'm addicted. Decorating my planner is a great creative outlet for me, but also helps me to actually do the things that I've written in!
Oh Hello Stationery were actually the first shop I ever bought from back when I first got into decorating my Filofax. I was already following Kayla's blog and her Plan With Me videos inspired me to start planning with stickers! The thing I love about Oh Hello is that they don't have the same clip art that every other shop has, because they design their stickers themselves (which you can actually see in Alex's Design With Me videos!). The quality of their stickers is always fantastic, especially now that they've changed to a new sticker paper which is amazing. Seriously, I never thought I'd be getting so excited about sticker paper!
Right, enough babbling- let's talk about the stickers I got! Alex and Kayla kindly agreed to send me some things from their shop, so here they are. First, I got the little flags in the February and March monthly colours. I love using these to mark things in my spread, so I will definitely be using these up! I also got a sheet of their little music notes, because I use them to mark anything relating to Show Choir rehearsals and gigs. Now the thing I was the most excited about is this sheet of cancelled stickers. So far I only have ones that say cancelled, but I really wanted these because they say fun things like 'not today' 'nope' and 'Netflix won'. Let's face it, Netflix wins so often I could probably use an entire sheet of those! Last but not least is the little sampler that comes free with your order. It changes every once in a while and this one is obviously Valentine's day themed and I love it! The Oh Hello Stationery Co and the little flowers are also stickers so you can mark your sticker delivery or when you have to order new ones in your planner.
Last I wanted to talk about the Oh Hello customer service, because I think it's what really sets them apart from other shops. I'm a part of their facebook group, which is such a lovely community and they regularly ask what they could be doing better and what things people want to see. If there is ever a problem with your order they fix it immediately, and their response and shipping times are incredible. Sometimes I order something and get the shipping notification on the same day! They recently started their own website (which you can find here) where they sell washi tape, stickers and lots of other planner accessories. It's slightly cheaper than etsy because there are no fees for them, but they're still also on Etsy if you prefer to shop there.
If you're into decorating your planner or you're just starting now, I would definitely recommend checking out Oh Hello because they have a lot of great, fun stickers and the quality is always amazing! If you use this link to sign up to the website you get $5 off your first purchase, so happy shopping!

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