The Pinterest Declutter

Since I am currently on a bit of a purging and decluttering trip, I decided to take the time to actually declutter my Pinterest boards... sounds crazy, I know. I decided to do this because I actually spend a lot of time on Pinterest and having 30 different boards with random themes was just getting quite overwhelming to me and I just wasn't inspired anymore! The fact that my flat was cold and I didn't want to get out of bed to declutter my actual wardrobe may have had something to do with it too...

So what did I do? First I got rid of some boards that I just didn't need. Like my 'flexibility' board that had four pictures in it. I got rid of some board that I used for certain events, like when I was trying to put together outfits for a pole competition and I made a board for inspiration.
Next I looked at the boards that were very similar and combined them all into one. For example, I had seven (!!) style boards. I had 'Summer Vibes', 'Winter Fashion', 'Grown Up', 'Style Goals', etc.. I decided to use Style Goals as the base and then went through the others and pinned the things I wanted to keep to Style Goals. It actually turned out that most of the pins I had in those boards were already also in Style Goals, so putting them all together took me five minutes.
The hardest one to downsize was definitely my interiors board. I had a huge board that I started creating about six months before I moved into my first own apartment, and there were over 200 pins in there! It was a weird jumble of things and the further back I scrolled the less I liked everything because my style has evolved quite a lot in that time. So instead of fighting my way through the board and deleting everything I didn't like, I decided to go for a clean slate and just created an entire new interiors board. I then went through the 200 pins (*shudders*) and only repinned the ones I still loved. I now have 18 left in my new board....
I ended up going from a jumbled mess of over 30 boards with 1.1k pins to only 12 boards with 550 pins. I now have a simple place for everything and I find looking at my Pinterest boards inspiring again! If you like monochrome clothes and interiors as much as I do you can follow me here!

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