Save it for a rainy day

I don't know what it is about Brighton but as soon as it starts raining, the whole town basically turns into a big lake. This means that having waterproof shoes is a must because let's face it, it rains a lot over here. I do own a pair of Hunter wellies but they're not the most fashionable shoes, so when M&M Direct asked me if I wanted to give the new heeled boots from Hunter a try I obviously couldn't say no!

I got the wedge boots*, which aren't what I would usually go for in terms of shoes but I have been wearing them non stop since I got them because they're just so comfy! They have quite a large platform so even though they're quite high heels, it doesn't actually feel like you're wearing heels.
Now I know what you're thinking... 'Come on Allie, I can't spend hundreds of pounds on some wellies!'. Well you're in luck, because they're only £49.99 on the M&M Direct website, rather than the RRP of £159.99, saving you a whopping £110. Now if that's not a good deal, I don't know what is!

Because they are really simple boots, they're extremely versatile and you can wear them with pretty much anything. They go really well with my usual jeans, tshirt and leather jacket uniform and add that little extra bit of height, but they also look great with skirts and dresses- the possibilities are endless!
If you've been struggling to find some pretty, waterproof shoes, I definitely recommend having a look at the Hunter ones! I also really like these heeled boots, which are slightly higher with a chunky heel rather than wedges.

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