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Shot from the street

I only recently discovered Lizzy's blog and YouTube but I absolutely fell in love with her style because she is so effortlessly stylish and also a really relaxed person who is easy to relate to. My favourite posts she does are probably her week in film, where she posts the photos she took on an actual film camera. I think it's such a lovely idea because blogs tend to be so glossy and perfect these days so it's nice to see some moments that were just quickly captured. She also recently did an interview with her mum about her experience with gender inequality, which I thought was really amazing and inspiring.

It's no secret that Jaye is one of my favourite people in the world, but that's not the reason I read her blog. Her content is always so inspiring but still real at the same time. She posts about life as a creative and freelancer, good places to get coffee and food in London (you're starting to understand why I love her right about now), beauty bits and sometimes just her general life through photo diaries. I think the best way to describe her blog is that it's as if your best friend was writing a magazine just for you.

Oh the infamous Vix... if you don't know about her blog then where have you been? She's not only the queen of list posts but also the person who will always tell it exactly how it is. I would describe her as a relationship and dating blogger but she throws some other stuff in there too sometimes because let's face it, life isn't just about boys! I don't recommend drinking hot beverages while reading her posts because you will most likely chuckle and either spit them out or choke.

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