Keeping your wardrobe edited

The biggest problem I have with decluttering is that somehow the clutter always seems to find me again after a short while. I declutter my closet, get rid of lots of things and then use that as an excuse to buy new clothes and before I know it I'm back where I started. This isn't just frustrating, it's also really bloody expensive, so I've devised a system to beat this habit!
I'm sure you all know the feeling of standing in front of your wardrobe in the morning saying 'I have nothing to wear!". Well, this is actually prime decluttering time, because you don't get that emotional attachment like when you're sorting through clothes and decide whether you want to keep them or not, but you're acting based on what you would actually want to wear. Now I obviously don't mean throw out all your dresses if you feel like wearing jeans one day, but I'm sure that you have a few pieces in your wardrobe that you look at every morning but then decide not to wear because they don't fit into your lifestyle/don't fit you anymore/don't make you feel good about yourself. You know what these pieces are when you stand in front of your wardrobe, so next time you're in this position, take them out, put them in a bag and bring them to a charity shop that day (or as soon as you can), so you're not tempted later to keep them anyway. This way your wardrobe should always be full of clothes that you love and actually wear!
'But what about the shopping, Allie?', I hear you say. I admit this is an issue for me, particularly with asos and their next day delivery, but fear not- I have a system for this too. The beauty of online shopping is that you can save things and come back to look at them later. So when I find an item of clothing I love, I save it. Every once in a while I go through my saved items (asos deletes them after 30 days anyway) and get rid of some things that I realise I didn't really love. If something is still in there after a week and I've been thinking about it constantly, I'm allowed to buy it. Obviously this doesn't apply to emergency purchases (no, that cute blouse for your date tomorrow is not an emergency purchase!) and things like black tshirts and jeans. I find that this way, I'm much less impulsive with my purchases and only buy things that will actually fit in with my style as well as my lifestyle, because that grey sequin dress I saw on a blogger may look amazing and fit my instagram theme, but let's face it I'll never wear it.

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