Little changes I've made to become healthier

Being healthy is a topic that everyone talks about because let's face it, most of us are trying to eat better, drink more water or do more exercise. It can be hard and god knows I've stuggled with it, which I will be going into more detail about in a weight gain/loss journey post soon. But for now, here are some little things that I've been doing to be healthier.

Going for walks
I've become a little bit obsessed with doing 10,000 steps a day so when I haven't reached that goal after coming back from work and anything else I might have done that day, I usually go for a little walk along the seafront. Having little competitions on who can do the most steps with my friends on the fitbit app has been really motivating as well and makes me consider getting up to walk somewhere instead of just staying home or getting the bus. Obviously I'm extremely lucky to live right by the sea, but I think it's always nice to explore the area where you live a little bit and it's a great time to reflect on the day and clear your head.

Coffee consumption rules
Some of these points really do make me seem a bit crazy, don't they? I'm definitely a complete coffee addict (which you will know if you follow me on instagram), and I got into a habit of getting Starbucks every time I went to work and often also on my way to uni. I'm sure you can imagine that this not only affects my bank balance but isn't exactly healthy either since my usual order is a Vanilla Latte, which is basically just hot milk and sugar. I now have a rule that means I'm only allowed to get Starbucks when I have an early shift at work or when I actually sit in Starbucks doing work. This means that I get coffee there about 2-3 times a week, which is still a lot but significantly better than before when it was sometimes seven days a week. Every little helps!

Preparing my food
I don't usually get a lunch break at work so when I get home I tend to just eat whatever quick thing I can get my hands on. Having something already prepared, or even having laid out the main ingredients for what I'm going to make, makes a huge difference in what I eat when I get home from work.

Park run
For those of you who don't know what park run is, it's a weekly 5k race in your local park that takes place every Saturday. Most places have a park run (there are three different ones in Brighton alone!) and it's free to do, you just need to sign up online and print your code that is scanned at the end to get your time and you can check your time and how you compared to others in your age group later that day! It's a really fun thing to do because there are people of all abilities there so you won't feel out of place whether your time is 25 minutes or 45 minutes.

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