Taking time to reset

Sometimes life just gets so crazy, you get caught up in all the things you need to do and sort of lose all those habits and routines you worked so hard to get. I know this definitely happened to me over the last few months because I was finishing my master's degree and am now looking for jobs, all while working on an extremely irregular schedule. It has certainly taken its toll on me, my skincare routine has become non-existent, my flat is a mess and I've gained weight, so I decided to use my six day trip to Germany to reset and get back to the old me.

This trip definitely isn't a holiday, I have lots of appointments and am obviously continuing the job search all while packing up my room in my parent's house because they're moving, but getting out of my usual surroundings and really focusing on refreshing some of those old habits is going to be really great. 
To prepare for this, I made sure my flat was tidy before I left so I don't come home to a messy flat that will stress me out all over again, and I did everything I had to do in England (such as paying bills, returning parcels, etc.) so I could focus on my tasks in Germany without having to worry. I realise that taking a week for this seems quite extreme, but I have gotten to a point where I just needed that time, and I have the luxury of being able to take it. If you don't have a week, even taking a day to really tackle all your big tasks and then starting fresh with your habits the next day can be a really great way to recharge and get back on track.
One thing I'm doing for this reset is taking up blogging again! I haven't been able to blog for so long, partly due to everything going on in my life but also because I just couldn't get back into the habit of scheduling regular content. I decided to do blogtober (a blogpost every day in October) to get back on track so I have lots of new content coming your way!

Watch this space.

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