The post university reality check

Everyone tells you that university is the gateway to a better future, and I guess in some ways that is true. What they don't tell you is that leaving university sucks. When you're at uni you have so much freedom and (almost) no responsibilities and if you're like me, you have lots of amazing plans for the future and can't wait to leave. Well unfortunately, as I am very painfully finding out right now, those plans don't always work out too well.

I remember when I was 17 and I thought that at 22 I'd have a decent job, I'd be engaged to and living with my boyfriend and I'd generally be grown up and happy. Over the years I adjusted my expectations (particularly the ones about being engaged since said boyfriend was no longer in the picture) but the one thing that was constant was the fact that I would have a good job. In the last few months I had all these plans about moving to Berlin and starting an exciting new life in an exciting career, and I came really close to that, but I've now had to face the harsh reality that that's not going to happen in the foreseeable future. For now, I'm leaving behind all my friends and the life I've built in Brighton to move back in with my parents in Germany and hopefully do a few internships to get me experience so I can eventually get a job. It's not what I planned. It's not even close to being what I planned. But for now, this is what I'm doing and I'm trying to see the positives in it.
Did I want to be living with my parents at 22? Of course not! But right now, sucking it up for the sake of getting some really great experience that will help further my career will probably be worth it. Right now I'm worrying about the friends I'm going to miss and the relationships that I gave up to do this, but hopefully one day I'll look back at this and know that I made the right decision, and that my life is better for it.

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