Things I want to do before leaving Brighton

It's now officially one month until I leave Brighton, and England, for the foreseeable future. In the least seven years Brighton has become my home, it's where I did most of my growing up and where the majority of my friends are, so leaving is going to be incredibly hard especially seeing as I'm not going where I thought I would. There are a few things I want to do before I leave (they're pretty food heavy) so here we go:

  1. Have a boozy brunch at the Breakfast Club
  2. Go for a long walk along the seafront
  3. Win a pub quiz (a girl can dream, right?)
  4. Go to Franco Manca
  5. Do glow in the dark mini golf at the Marina
  6. Have dinner at Pho
  7. Sing at Casablancas
  8. Sit on the beach during my lunch break
  9. Have coffee and a gluten free brownie at Room 76
  10. Go up to London for the day, because I can

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