February Reads

One of my New Year's resolutions was to read more books (at least one a month), so I'm starting a little segment on here sharing with you what I read each months, with little mini reviews of the books. I'm still getting into the whole reading more thing so so far there aren't too many books to share but I'm hoping to get into more of a habit of reading.

The Making of Trump
My mum actually bought this book and I borrowed it after she'd read it. Now I have to start by saying that it is incredibly hard to read. I sometimes had to force myself to keep going because it's a bit of information overload and it's frankly quite terrifying to read about some of the things this man has done. Nevertheless I'm really glad I have read it because I think it has given me a lot of insights into who the president of the United States is and I would urge everyone to read it because it is an incredibly well researched account of Donald Trump's life and career before he became president. Best consumed one chapter at a time and with a large glass of wine handy.

The Princess Diarist
On to a slightly more cheery book- I'm a huge Star Wars fan so obviously I had to read this book by Carrie Fisher. It's a really interesting insight into what was happening behind the scenes when they first filmed Star Wars and I think any fan will really enjoy it. I would definitely consider this light reading material (especially compared to the Trump book) and I finished it in a day.

What did you read this month? Any recommendations?

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