Keeping my wardrobe edited

Having had a pretty major life change recently, going from being a student with a part time job to being a full time employee, my wardrobe has changed quite a lot too. Admittedly I work in a casual office so I haven't had to replace all my casual clothes with suits, but I do like to look a bit more put together than I normally would in my free time, and I think growing up a bit changed my style too.
Having said that, I haven't bought that many new clothes- it's been more of a gradual change. While I've been doing this it's been important for me to keep my wardrobe edited instead of just adding things, so I'm not overwhelmed, so here are some tips that have helped me.

Hang up everything
This is a controversial one especially if you're a Marie Kondo kind of girl, but I really like hanging up all my clothes so I can always see everything. Now this doesn't include a few lounge wear items or my activewear, but I do hang all my skirts, trousers, blouses, tshirts, etc. This way I can always see everything I have.

Have a limited number of hangers
There's no rhyme or reason to the number of hangers that I own, it just happens to be the number of hangers I own and that fit into my wardrobe. However, having a set number (that isn't ridiculously high) means that I always know when my wardrobe is getting a bit full, because I start to run out of hangers.

Find out what you're not wearing
Every once in a while I will put all my clothes into my wardrobe and then whenever I put something back in after I've worn it, it goes on the right handside of my wardrobe. This means that after a few weeks, I can tell which clothes I wear and which I don't, because all the stuff I don't wear is still hanging on the left side. I then go through those leftover clothes and really try to think about why I'm not wearing them. Sometimes it's because they're going out clothes (I have two going out tops that always end up there because I never go out) or because maybe they're out of season, but sometimes I also realise that that piece of clothing just doesn't make me feel good and it's not something I gravitate towards, so it goes.

So those are my tips for keeping your wardrobe edited! In general, I'm a big believer in only having clothes that you feel like wearing the majority of the time, not just once a month. Obviously there will always be occasionwear exceptions, but that has become my general philosophy.

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