Products I use for a manicure that lasts all week

I personally think that doing your nails is an annoying task and a complete waste of time, however I am unfortunately not blessed with naturally nice nails or the budget to pay someone to do them for me. I don't know why but I used to have to paint my nails every other day or so if I didn't want them to be chipped, so a lot of the time I just left them because I couldn't be bothered. Now of course chipped nails look a lot worse than nails that just haven't been done at all, so that's no longer an option now that I work and have to care about my appearance. Thankfully, I've found a few products that mean I can just do my nails on the weekend and have a professional looking manicure for the entire week.

Essie Base Coat
I genuinely think this is the product that makes the biggest difference. It's meant to adhere the nail polish better and I can confirm that it does and the difference when I don't use this is massive- I'd say it easily gets you two extra days out of your manicure.

Essie Gel Setter Top Coat
I don't know if this actually does anything to prolong the wear of your nails but it alters their appearance massively. I often have people ask me if I have gel nails (even people who do have them so that means something) and I put it down to this product because it gives your nails that gorgeous high gloss gel finish.

Sally Hansen Nail Oil
Again, not sure if this actually makes my nail polish last longer but I feel like it does. I have extremly dry nails so using a nail oil every night not only makes my cuticles look five million times better but I also think it prevents some chipping because my nails and the nail polish aren't so dried out that they just split.

Finally, some polishes that I love. The four in the picture are basically the only ones that I wear, so you can tell that I really love colour on my nails... Seriously though, I love a muted nude colour because it just looks lovely and if it does chip you can't tell as much. Some of my favourite formulas are the new Sally Hansen Argan Oil Range, the Sephora Formula X, and the Essie Gel and Classic formulas (Sand Tropez is my all time favourite colour).

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